Monday, April 19, 2010

You'll Find Yourself

You'll find yourself. Its definite.
Its my glimpse before our union.

You'll find yourself. Its love.

Love from where you belong.

You'll find yourself. Its subconscious.
When you follow your lead.

None others but US. One.


roland said...

i'll be back soon o later cos there is my responsibility anyway to do so. i always knows it's hard for you for being through all this things alone and i dont want that actually but i dont have a choice. they brings me out, they choosing me in and im works on with them for myself.cos all i do is not for others but for my 3 peoples who always inside my minds day and night eventhough it's take me a longer periods.a times coming near now for me to meet them and i feel nervous for my irresponsible and the feedback that i will get. their miserable, tears and sads keeps on running in my minds all the times. they not even know me cos im missing so long without news and i can accept that. i dont find others cos i already swear to the god that i need to do my first priority in my life that im loss before. god brings me here right now to inform you. im not here and im in somewhere far for the good things. believe me that im not that person at the last things you did even knows me. im started back from the beginning is not for myself purposely for them.

roland said...